Construction Update


It’s been quite a while since our last mechanical update… and because of that quite a bit has changed. The core design has stayed the same, with the same eight thruster layout, the same acrylic hull, and the same aluminum frame and end caps.

All our parts have been machined and assembled. Fortunately, everything fit together and we had no major problems. We completed some initial waterproofing tests by pulling a vacuum, and everything was watertight. This coming Monday we will be doing some more thorough waterproofing and buoyancy testing, with the goal of having the robot ready to drive the day after we get out of school on June 9th.

To complete construction, we need to add our two droppers (Check back in soon for an update on those, they’re almost done), add weight so the sub is neutrally buoyant, and finish the construction of the internal electronics rack. Everything should be done soon, and we are extremely excited by how everything is turning out so far.



May 18th, 2016

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