Sponsoring BeaverAUV


      As a small team with a small budget, sponsors have been essential to the BeaverAUV team. We are incredibly grateful to all sponsors which have provided us with products and services which have enhanced the functionality of our AUV. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please feel free to email us at sponsor@beaverauv.org.



Beaver has very gratiously supported the team throughout the entire project, and provided funding for the team.


VectorNav Provided us with their incredibly precise VN100-Rugged IMU (Inertial Measurment Unit) for use on our AUV. It provides very accurate orientation and acceleration data to the Robot.


MathWorks provided us with their software, including MATLAB and Simulink, which rebe used to develop, test, and run several of the software elements of our AUV.


Solidworks provided us with their suite of CAD software, which we are using to design the second revision of our Prospero AUV.


Granite State Manufacturing machined and provided the aluminum for the end caps of our AUV.

Anoplate anodized our end caps, which made them look great and protected them from corrosion.


Advanced Circuits is manufacturing several PCBs for the 2017 robot.

Advanced Circuits

Interstate Pneumatics provided a regulator for our high-pressure CO2 based pneumatic system.

Interstate Pneumatics

Blue Robotics provided substantial discounts on their low profile, high powered thrusters. These are be used to propel the AUV in the water.

Blue Robotics