About the Humans

About BeaverAUV

      We are a group of five high school juniors and one high school senior from Beaver Country Day School in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. We are all passionate about technology, robotics, and engineering, and we have all been on our school's robotics team in past years. This year, we decided to take on a new challenge, and we formed a RoboSub team. As a first year team, we have three main goals for our AUV at the 2016 RoboSub competition:

  1. Progress to the final round of the RoboSub competition
  2. Increase the functionality our AUV so it can complete sonar and torpedo tasks
  3. Improve the design of the AUV so it is easier to use, repair, and modify

We plan to have a robot which will be able to perform in these three ways by July of 2017.

Seth Isaacson
Team Leader

Oliver Geller
Software Lead

Dan Bassett
Mechanical Design

Zach Weiss
Software and Community Outreach

Alex Skipitaris